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April 15, 2013

Promoting a website is really profitable

For those who want to make money online, promoting a website is really profitable. Why not? of course it is. A website owner that wants online marketers (or you can call 'publishers) to publish the website always give publishers some benefits, such as 10% of register cost for a referral that joins the website (that's always said as a referral commission) and/or by giving a commission for a thousand visitors visited the website (that's called as CPM commission). CPM stands for Cost per mile, meaning depend upon your niche you will get paid for each 1000 impressions or 1000 unique visitors on the website that is being promoted.. Unique visitors mean 1000 different IPs. I suggest for newbie publishers. The site gives you $5 as CPM commission. Join any good traffic exchange sites to promote that site. You can join through the banner above the date.